SP Tech Crew Volunteers

We love it when our SPHS alumni come back to help us. We also love it when our tech crew parents help us out.

Effective immediately, all crew volunteers must:

  1. Submit to a chaperone/volunteer background investigation. Don't worry, it's a very quick form to fill out.
  2. View the 11 minute AACPS Harassment and Child Abuse video on YouTube. If that video is no longer accessible, view the version listed on AACPS School & Family Partnership page (listed under New Volunteers).
  3. Submit the volunteer training verification form (PDF) to Ms. Halloran in the Main Office or via email: khalloran@aacps.org.

These requirements apply to all volunteers who are no longer high school students, including adults and parents. There is no cost for the background check. Approved background investigations are generally valid for two years, so if you've already done that part just watch the video and submit the verification form.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Last Modified: 2018-09-04


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